Tae Lee

H&M “Beauty” Campaign

KookSoonDang Nature’s

KSD Nature’s Commercial

LikeDreams BrandFilm SS2016

LikeDreams FasionFilm ShakeIt

Waiting For The End

Designer, Director & Animator

Bom in South Korea, Tae learned the art of filmmaking, waterhing influentiail Asian Cinema and Classic Holtywood Movies before stepping into film production experiences in LA. SetHaught filmmaker with college degree & diploma in Liberal Arts & Motion GFX in the heart of Hollywood, Tae quickly emerged himself into a profession as an editor. With a boom explosionof Motion GFX industry, Tae migrated into Motion GFX World, and being exposed to various motion design and animation projects for Commercial, Broadcasting, Game, and Film industry.

Tae helms a sophisticated understanding of live action direction and Motion GFX integration from his previous hats as both director and designanimator (designer/animator), freelancing top motion studios like Prologue, Logan, Perception, Gnet, and Yuco both in LA and NY.

Tae has directed projects for top brands like H&M, Converse, and Mo├Ąt & Chandon, and worked with agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi LA, Cheil Korea, and 72nd Sunny. Making commercials that people visceralty feel something, is stated by Tae, is the crucial key for me to approaching spots. He adds, it's all about inventing right tastes and cinematic Iooks that will be resonated. At the end, I bring the spot a touch of curiosity and magic with my unique aesthetics that, I hope, people feel so mething in their hearts. Currently, Tae has been working bi-coastal in US and internationalty.