Maxim Kuphal Potapenko

Antidiskrimierungsstelle - Halbwissen

Antidiskrimierungsstelle - #NichtSchuldig

Antidiskrimierungsstelle - KittCHAT

EVZ FOUNDATION: A Message from the Future

Sweet 80

Director and Screenwriter

Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko is a director, screenwriter and copywriter from Berlin.

He graduated at the Hamburg Media School (MA Film Directing) where his short-films participated in the competitions of international film festivals like Max Ophüls, First Steps, Slamdance and won numerous awards. Amongst other artist in residencies and international film labs Maxim attended the renowned Script Station at the Berlin Film Festival’s Talents program for further development of his first feature film.

He is co-founder of MOLLE&KORN, a creative agency exclusively working on social, political and environmental issues. Maxim works in the commercial field as well as in visual arts. To maximize authenticity in his latest commercial works Maxim combines fictional and documentary elements. Amongst others he has worked for clients like the European Parliament, the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency, the Greenpeace Magazine and BMW.