Calum Macdiarmid

Storm In A Teacup

When I'm Killed

Rosemount White

KY - Intense Orchestra

KY - Touch

HILTON & MOSS - Achieving Perfection

Braun - Jessica Alba Silk Epil 9

Director / Artist

Calum Macdiarmid is an artist and director concerned with the aesthetics of beauty, light, and liquid. His work largely experiments with new techniques to investigate these mediums.
He studied Illustration at Kingston before going on to work as an illustrator for MTV. From there he sidestepped into animation and directing the MTV idents. He went on to use animation and directing to brand channels such as Channel 4, Living, Bravo, and Virgin 1 with award winning results.
He now works globally for clients such as Saatchi M&C, Rainy Kelly Y&R, and the BBC.